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Q: For MSLAB07 do i need to buy start upreagents as well? Will i be able to find the reagents locally?
A: Yes, you can buy the reagents locally. It's open reagents so I suggest that you buy reagents in Zimbabwe. We can offer you some guidance about how to choose the reagents.

Q: What interfaces does this analyzer have? If analyzer has built-in printer
A: It has Printer, Computer, Data output and USB. The analyzer MSLAB01 has B&W thermal printer.

Q: How MSLAB01 this analyzer working? Did this can test via blood serum or directly via blood??
A: It's got a small tube on the analyzer which to receiv the blood sample. Sample must be blood serum.

Q: What is the different between AB07 And AB01? They are same price? But AB07 not good compare with AB01?
A: The Different between AB07 and AB01 is: AB07 is new model, function and performance are better than AB01. But AB07 only have one test channel, AB01 have 2 test Channel. IF you have require on test speed We suggest you purchase AB01. But for Performance AB07 is Much Better.

Q: Do you have a warranty for the biochemistry analyzer reagent after opening?
A: The warranty for the reagent is one year, but if you open the bottle of the reagent, the warranty is only 2 months.

Q: Do you have portable CBC machine?
A: Yes, we have many cell blood counte. The cheap one is MSLAB01.


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