Blood gas analyzer is the measuring instruments of using an electrode in a relatively short period of artery pH (pH), carbon dioxide partial pressure (PCO2) and oxygen partial pressure (PO2) and other relevant indicators. Features are automatic calibration, automatic injection, automatic detection and fault diagnosis and other functions, which is simple operation, fast analysis speed, high accuracy.

And how it works?

Under the vacuum suction piping system, a sample of blood is drawn into the capillary tube, pH and the capillary wall of the reference electrode, pH, PO2, PCO2 four electrode contacts, electrodes measured the resulting parameters converted into respective electrical signals amplified, computer equipment service after analog to digital conversion, the display by the operation processing and print out the measurement results, thus completing the entire testing process.

Structure appears in three major components including mainly by the electrode system, piping system and circuit system.


Blood gas analysis and disease control

Clinical practice has shown that many diseases, particularly emergencies; critically ill patient trauma and emergency treatment of multiple organ failure go through "common path" of these patients the prevalence of blood; Changing the acid-base and electrolyte imbalance caused by the human body four. Great balance system namely: gas balance, water balance, acid-base balance and the balance of glucose metabolism imbalances and instability balance these four factors are important to maintain a stable internal environment they influence each other, checking each other, play together maintain homeostasis, role in safeguarding the life blood gas, pH and electrolyte imbalance is directly related to patient safety. sometimes become the direct cause of death in critically ill patients. correct and timely judgment and maintain the balance of treatment means the patient is critically ill rescue process is important and necessary part. Thus, since the beginning of the 1970s, blood gas analysis has been applied to all aspects of clinical practice. has become an important and indispensable clinical disease control, respond to emergencies, emergency treatment system diagnostic equipment.

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