Blood coagulation is the result of a series of clotting factor enzyme chain reaction. Blood clotting factor in an inactive zymogen form, when certain coagulation factors are activated, allows many clotting factors according to a certain order has been activated, there are complex catalysis between each other, known as the theory. changeable the theory generated on the biophysical characteristics of the blood showed an increase in resistance (current law) enhanced viscosity (beads), the turbidity increases (optical method). Since the current measurement reliability is poor, so the beads method and replaced by optical method.

One Blood coagulation analyzer is an instrument to detect blood, to produce semi-automatic coagulation analyzer coagulation method at present domestic and foreign manufacturers, which is based on measurement of the blood clotting process. Blood coagulation is the result of a series of clotting factor enzyme chain reaction.


Under a laboratory test of coagulation analyzer, which can provide a valuable indicator in diagnosis of bleeding or monitoring. As science and technology advances, thrombosis and hemostasis testing from the traditional manual methods to fully automated coagulation analyzer, from a single solidification method to immunoassay and biochemical methods, thrombosis and hemostasis testing and therefore become easy, rapid, accurate, and reliable.

Optical method and beads method for blood coagulation testing, the advantages of optical method is simple structure, high sensitivity. Easy automation. The disadvantage is that vulnerable to specific plasma interference, which the manufacturers have taken different measures to remedy. Magnetic Circuit advantage from specific plasma interference, less reagent and disadvantages, quality beads, Beibi smooth degree, both will affect the measurement results. Some manufacturers sell their products to make a big fuss in the methodology, emphasis on the superiority of some method is undesirable. First coagulometer two methods coexist current national production, and optics dominant position in automated coagulation instrument in particular. Second judge the merits of the instrument has a variety of aspects including methods, design, technology and so on.

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