1.Urine Analyzer Take a careful study on instructions before using the instrument,learn more about it's founctions,operating procedures,precautions,correction method and the maintenance requirements.

2.The instrument should be installed in the experimental place which is far from sources of electromagnetic interference,heat,prevent sunlight,moisture,good ventilation,room temperature should be at 15 ~ 25 ℃,relative humidity <80%.

3.fully Urine Analyzer Power on,adjust the machine with it's correction tape,the machine can be put into official use when results of the correction tape and the test results are fully consistent.

Urine Analyzer

4.examining both normal and abnormal urine samples,if the "normal" sample results in abnormal,or "abnormal" results normal quality.then quality are out of control. It should be also treated as out of control if any item in the target value ± 1 equal-magnitude.

5.Urine QC was detected in the allowable range,the urine specimens should be new and within 2hours.If the tests can not be timely made,store the specimens in refrigerator at 4 ℃ & not more than six hours. The specimens temperature should be equilibrated to room temperature before put into test after remove from refrigerator.

6.Urine test strip should be stored and used under the conditions recommended by the manufacturer,should not be kept on irradiation with exposure to direct sunlight or in a humid environment.Take the required quantity of strip only,and immediately cover the cap. The excessed strips shall not be returned to the original bottle.

7.The checking results may differs due to machine operation & manual measurements,and some effecting factors are not totally the same,e.g:semi urine analyzers react mainly on albumin,while insensitive on globulin reaction,Urine glycosuria sensitivity higher than Bancroft method,but only the highest concentration measured (3+).Bilirubin checking sensitivity is lower than the manual method;Urine Analyzer only activate with intact granulocytes while not activate with Lymphocytes,etc.So should be noted of these differences when take comparison tests.

8.Urine Analyzer can only be used as a screening tool in a urine test.Urine analyzers can only make some general chemical examination of the urinE,many tangible components couldnt be checked such as tube,sperm,epithelial cells,cancer cells,crystal and other ingredients,the user should make the checking report under the combined the examination results of microscopic when any doubts. Resolutely opposed to sediment of not using urine chemistry analyzer when meet any error-prone after examination. The urine color,transparency should also be stated in the checking report. Microscopic examination should be taken even when the results are normal while the appearance abnormal.

9.The checking analysis hould be combined with clinical analysis,should not be analized by single check. Detailed analysis should according to specific issues.

10.Kidneys,urinary tract patients and patient efficacy are not suitable to do the urine analyzer checks.