Microplate reader is actually a disguised form of special photoelectric colorimeter or spectrophotometer, the basic working principle and the main structure is basically the same with photoelectric colorimeter.

Washer microplate washing machine is designed clinical laboratory medical equipment (laboratory medical equipment), general and supporting the use of a microplate reader. It has been widely used in hospitals, blood banks, health and epidemic prevention station, reagent plant, lab cleaning microtiter plate. Having a vibration plate function, the washer microplate washing machine own pipeline cleaning, anti-discharge function and the world's most advanced dual pump without negative pressure flushing technology etc. Microplate washer for cleaning some residual substance microtiter plate after detection, reducing error subsequent detection process due to lead to the residue, but also can automatically flushing pipes to prevent the re-use lotion caused due to crystallization the congestion.


Especially to mention is that family planning and maternal and child health system in China is equipped with a microplate reader is imminent. As early as a few years ago, the World Health Organization has recommended that pregnant women TORCH five routine screening, but unfortunately due to lack of microplate washer and other equipment, RCH testing generally carried out in China also failed. TORCH infections called TORCH syndrome in perinatal medicine, since pregnant women, fetuses and newborns are susceptible to infection, it has been the world's great attention obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics.

Infection during pregnancy not only harmful to the mother, often also have a serious impact on the fetus and newborn. Through the placenta in utero infection can cause miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth or fetal growth retardation and deformities, through the birth canal and breast milk can cause infection of the newborn. Such as involving the nervous system can cause varying degrees of mental retardation and a variety of paralysis, deafness ORCH infection and prenatal and postnatal care have a very important relationship. Therefore, RCH (IgG and gM) Check also commonly referred to prenatal and postnatal care ten checks. Currently, the detection methods are mainly TORCH radioimmunoassay (RIA) and enzyme immunoassay (EIA). Since radioimmunoassay method requires special equipment, and radioactive hazards, currently being enzyme immunoassay (EIA) substitution method. EIA method has high specificity and sensitivity, simple, fast, and low cost, as long as equipped with a microplate reader and other appropriate equipment, most common laboratory can be easily carried out. Obviously, as soon as Jishengxitong universal microplate reader and other equipment is an urgent need. 


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